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Dual Voltage Polarizer

You must have seen this before: "You can never have enough VCAs". A voltage polarizer (also known as a bipolar VCA or a 4-quadrant multiplier) is often viewed as the VCA better suited for CV. As it can be used as a unipolar VCA and it allows you to invert a signal when it is modulated with a negative voltage. Resulting in interesting movements in your modulations.

What sets Arkan apart from other voltage polarizers is the curvature control, a feature usually only seen in unipolar VCAs. By taking a different approach to the classic voltage polarizer circuitry, we divised a unique solution that provides a new way to shape your audio and CV. The non-linearity of the polarizer also makes Arkan really good at reaching silence when presented with a 0V CV signal.

At audio rate, Arkan acts as a ring-modulator with four controls to change timbres.

Boosting adds odd harmonics (symmetrical distortion), while offsetting adds even harmonics (asymetrical distortion). The modulation curve changes ring modulation sharpness, and modulation strength determines the carrier dominance.

Two identical channels with carefully selected features will make Arkan your go-to modulation control hub. We find Arkan especially useful for common utility duties such as mixing, scaling, inverting and offsetting. As well as CV modulation, feedback patching, and waveshaping. All this makes Arkan a very versatile tool that will certainly have a place in your patch!

FEATURES (per channel)

- Input attenuation with inverter switch gives you more precision and range, with voltage inversion and quick silencing.
- Bias input with attenuverter control to offset your input signal or mix/invert another signal.
- CV input with curvature control allows you to shape the polarizer and improve its 0V attenuation.

- CV modulation control to fade in the modulator, allowing you to determine the amount of modulation.

- Voltage gain and polarity led indicators showing you exactly what is happening under the radar.
- Output normalled internally and externally (to other Arkans) to easily mix signals.


- Optional signal boost (x4 / +12dB) via switch on the pcb to increase voltages when needed.

- 5V or 10V voltage reference selection for bias voltage and CV input range to adjust Arkan to your system.


- 8HP.

- 28mm, Skiff-friendly.


- 90mA @ +12V.

- 85mA @ -12V.


- All inputs DC coupled.

- All inputs handle audio signals.

- All inputs have 100k input impedance. - All inputs have +-10V Input range.

- CV range +-5V or +-10V.

- Bias Voltage range +-5V or +-10V.

- Boost gain x1 or x4.

- All inputs are overvoltage protected.

- Keyed power header.

- Reverse power protection.

Hand-built in the Netherlands.

164,46 excl. VAT
199,00 incl. VAT

ARKAN User Manual page 16 // Patch Example 6 : Melody Controller by Maarten Vos

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